Our Services

Approved Nursing Solutions next to it pride itself for being contracted with some of the most elite healthcare facilities in the Southern California area. We always have a shift for you…

24-Hour Support:

Whether you have questions about a client facility that you are assigned to, need to check your schedule, or any general question, ANS is there for you! We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to take care of your needs! You will always feel secure going to your assignment knowing that we are just a phone call away for any issues you may have.

Daily Advances

Work and get paid the same day. We offer daily advances 7 days a week. Just drop by after your shift is over and collect your money.

Flexible Scheduling

Work when you want, where you want! At ANS you can work as little as one
shift a week, or as much as full time! No minimum hours required,no weekends or holidays required. You can be as flexible as you want!

Direct Deposit:

Have peace of mind knowing that your pay will go directly into your bank
account! Never have to worry about going to the bank and standing in those
long lines again!

Weekly Pay:

Get paid every week! Never have to wait for that paycheck to come to do anything! At ANS we pay you weekly, so you can count on that paycheck every week to make your lives easier.

Referral Bonus:

Refer a friend to ANS, and get paid! We offer substantial bonuses for your efforts to bring us other quality healthcare professionals that you may know!