1 – How do I apply?

You can simply apply online. We have captured a cutting edge technology to make it very simple for our nurses to apply online with less hassle.

2- Why should I sign up with your company?

We are a local agency, we believe in personalized service.

You are not just a statistic or an additional number;

we deal with you as a partner, a family member and a friend.

3- Do I need to come in to your office?

Even though you may apply online and upload your licenses

and credentials you would still to come in for a one time visit

for an initial interview and to complete your in-house drug screening test.

4- Do I need to have experience?

We require at least one year of verifiable acute

hospitals experience in your specialty.

5- Do you hire new graduates?

Our company does not hire new graduates as per

our contract with our client facilities.

6- Do I need to work on weekends and holidays?

No, you are not required to work weekends or holidays.

You may set your own working schedule.

7- Do you hire independent contractors?

No, all our nurses must sign a W-4 form.

8- How much do you pay?

Due to our low overhead we are able to pay our nurses a very high pay rate.

You may call our office to inquire about our rate of pay.

9- How often do you pay?

Our pay is a weekly pay.

10- Do you have daily pay?

Yes, we have a daily advances program, you may come in to our office any day of the week

for a daily advance pay after your shift is over.

11- Do you have 8 Hrs or 12 Hrs shifts?

We have 8 Hrs and 12 Hrs shifts depending on the facility.

12- Do You have direct deposit?

Yes, we offer direct deposit to our nurses,

you simply fill out the direct deposit form and you will be set to go..

13- Do you accept Red Cross or community issued BLS card?

No, we only accept the American Heart

Association for the Healthcare provide BLS card.

14- Do you have in state travel assignments?

Yes. We offer in-state travel assignments to our staff.

You will be notified routinely of any  travel assignment when the need occur.

15- Do I need to work a minimum or maximum number of hours per week?

No, you are not required to work any specific number of shifts per week.

You may work as little as one shift per week if you pleased to do so.

16- Do you have 24/7 service?

Yes. We are a 24/7 service. Your call will always be answered.

17- Can I work near my home?

Yes. We are designed to offer our nurses the most convenient locations.

18- Do you have out of state assignments?

Occasionally we have out of state assignment.

Our nurses will be notified immediately when an out of state assignment occurs.

19- How soon can I start working?

You can start working once your application is completely processed.

20- Do I need to send you my time sheet after I finish my assignment? 

No. our facilities are setup to send us your time sheet at the beginning  of every week.