About Us

Approved Nursing Solutions was founded to help facilities across the great state of California to cope with the increasing nurse shortage through temporary and permanent healthcare staffing services. We are specialized in fulfilling your nursing staffing and recruitment needs with experienced, qualified healthcare professionals.Approved Nursing Solutions is a progressive company that promotes high level of services to our clients and staff alike.Unlike other agencies that keeps on hiring nurses for the sake of hiring and without being able to staff those nurses, at our company know what we need and which market. WE HIRE TO SEND NURSES TO WORK.Approved Nursing Is Your Healthcare Staffing SolutionApproved Nursing Is Your Healthcare Staffing Solution As a facility your goal is to provide high-quality patient care, and our job is to assist you in meeting this goal. We ensure that your healthcare staffing needs are met as quickly as possible with the best healthcare professional’s candidate. We have a successful history of matching qualified nurses that meets our client’s requests. Our quality nurses who are highly skilled in their specialty will be a good source when the need arises. A lengthy and extensive staffing experience and the quality and personalized service are why so many facilities count on us to provide solutions for their healthcare staffing coverage.